Six-packs coming to Pennsylvania beer distributors soon

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ERIE, Pa. — The increase in gas prices is not the only change Pennsylvanians will see in 2017. The Commonwealth is also making some changes to how you can buy beer.

Beginning Jan. 14, beer distributors will be able to sell beer in any quantity, including 32-ounce bottles, four-packs, six-packs and growlers.

The changes are being made on the heels of other updates to the state’s liquor laws that have included allowing the sale of wine at grocery stores and specifying that convenience stores can sell beer.

Beer distributors have long sought to loosen restrictions on the beer quantities they could sell, which had limited them to selling cases, 12-packs and kegs.

“It’s fantastic,” Andy Holmes of Beer & Pop Discount Warehouse said. “There are a lot of products in here now that customers get to choose from nowadays and we carry 1,200 products throughout the year and actually being able to break those down and let people have that freedom of choice that is really what we are striving for here.”

The new law also allows sporting venues to sell mixed drinks and lets bars start serving alcohol at 9 a.m. on Sundays without a requirement to serve food.

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