Skiers and snowboarders rejoiced on Friday evening. After weeks of closures and “fake snow” skiers finally got some real snow out on the slopes.

A perfect combination for business; it was cold, it was snowing, and it was a Friday. Over 300 people hit the slopes of Mount Pleasant of Edinboro to enjoy the wintertime activity.

“I like to go really fast down the slopes and it’s probably my favorite winter sport and its better than just playing in the snow,” Parker Goss, an Edinboro resident.

“I like to like to be able to learn more stuff about it and do tricks and like go fast and I think it feels like freeing and stuff and it’s like my favorite thing to do in the winter,” said Kolby Karotko, another Edinboro resident.

The general manager said the weather hasn’t had a lot of natural snow this year, so this is a great for business. He said there were over 300 people registered to ski and snowboard on Friday night.

“It was a tough Christmas break and a tough couple weeks, but we have a good base and good snow and we have people that are excited to get out and ski.” Andrew Halmi, General Manager of Mount Pleasant of Edinboro.

But he’s not complaining about Friday nights turnout.

“Friday nights are out most busy night of the week so, again, we do anywhere between 300 and 400 people on a Friday night and we are about that tonight so it’s a pretty good showing tonight,” Halmi continued.

He added the combination of cold weather hey can turn on the snow machines and make even more snow.