Slomski Looking to Turn District Blue With a Little Help

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This November, Democrat Julie Slomski will try to turn our area district blue.

Friday, Senator Maria Collett was in Erie to help her with strategies and ways to pull out a victory come election day when facing Republican Senator Dan Laughlin.

Senator Maria Collett said she likes Slomski because of her commitment to public service.

“And you can see that in her work history, working with representative Bizzarro, working with governor Wolf, and all of the work that she does to make sure that she is making Erie front and center,” said Collett.

Collett said it’s time for new representation in the senate.

“I did not know all of the wonderful resources you have in Erie, what you have to offer to people in the commonwealth, and I think that that speaks to a deficiency in the representation in the senate that we have for Erie.”

Senator Dan Laughlin said it’s just politics and he does not take it personally.

“We did that in 2016, I had other senators help me out and it’s nothing personal, she is running her race and I’m running mine,” said Laughlin.

Laughlin said he started going door to door and making lots of phone calls.

“I am starting from a solid position, so I am not scared, I ran a nice campaign in 2016 and I intend to do the same thing this year,” he said.

Along with Senator Collett, Laughlin introduced the Family Cares Act.

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