Small business investments and grants soar in 2018, projected to do more in 2019

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2018 proved to be a year of major investment in the city of Erie. 

The Department of Economic and Community Development approved more than $4 million in loans to businesses, which is more than the city has ever done.

The department also applied for more than $40 million in grants.  Mayor Joe Schember says having a shared vision played a significant role in Erie’s growth in 2018, but Director Chris Groner says they’re just getting started.

“We’re doing a tremendous amount of outreach directly to the business owners, wanting to get their feedback, telling us what we can do to try to make the business climate a little bit better for them in the city, but we really look at it as a first step. We want to build upon that and make sure that in 2019 there’s even more activity, more development, more investment.”

In an effort to promote family-sustaining jobs in Erie, two local companies in the business council shared career openings.  Team Hardinger Transportation now has about 15 vacant positions and Barry Global has eight openings.

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