The search for Candice Caffas continues, and though the numbers may be reduced, the determination to find Caffas is not.

Grassroot efforts to bring Candice Caffas home are being made by volunteer groups and from people out of state.

The large scale organized search to find Candice Caffas has come to a halt but the work to reunite her with her family continues with small groups of volunteers.

“The last few days we’ve been doing a lot of ground searching. A lot of door to door knocking on the doors, giving out the flyers, and working with the businesses trying to get as much information out as possible,” said Stacy Cummings, caretaker of Candice Caffas.

Efforts to find the missing woman are even going beyond people’s front door step.

“There are groups going into the woods individually trying to find any clues that we could possibly find any evidence, because this is the official road where she was last sighted at,” Cummings added.

Cummings said the last sighting of Caffas was by three to four individuals on Route 285 in Geneva heading towards Conneaut Lake.

“If this is her last sighting, then that’s where we’re going to be until we get anymore type of sightings or anymore information because that’s all we really have to go on at this point,” said Cummings.

A psychic investigator for missing persons told us what led her to devote five hours to searching for Caffas on Thursday morning.

“I picked up something with my leg and my knee area and when I have done before and connecting with water. Then I was really connected with the railroad tracks, but I wasn’t sure if it was tracks or trails and then it was confirmed today that she likes walking the tracks and trails,” said Juanita Szafranski, psychic investigator for missing persons.

Those closest to Candace said they welcome any help from volunteers. They also say they will not give up until she is found.

“We’re asking people to check campgrounds, check underneath your porches, check your sheds, check your garbage make sure it hasn’t been touched,” Cummings said.

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