Smartphone app may make it easier to pay parking tickets

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Technology may help close the budget gap when it comes to unpaid parking tickets, but that might not come soon enough to help for this year’s budget.

City Council Liason Caz Kwitowski meets with members of the Parking Authority to discuss creating an app to expedite the payment process.

Parking Authority employees can write tickets but it’s up to city law enforcement to collect those debts.  The hope is, now, though that new technology that makes it possible to pay meters through smartphone apps can also help make it easier for those with unpaid parking tickets to pay off their outstanding balances.

Kwitowski says, “Over the years, we just haven’t been very efficient in collecting them and I think it sends a bad message to those who do pay their tickets, so we have to start doing a better job in collecting the revenue we can”.

It’s hoped that the convenience and quick turn-around will be able to help solve the city budget overage.

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