Snowmobiling: A local family tradition

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For North East resident Roxanna Fram, snowmobiling has been in her life as long as she can remember. She took her first ride on a sled at the young age of seven.
Fram says she fell in love with the rush of the fast speeds and the cool air of winter and has since made it a family tradition.
“It’s a rush”, said Fram “I mean you get out there in the powdered snow there is nothing like it the fresh air and stuff it is so quiet and you get a lot of people together it is really fun and enjoyable.”
All four of her children snowmobile every year and have since they were five.
“All my children grew up riding sleds” said Fram “so we really enjoy it and it really is something for the family to get out and do besides sit in the house all day.”
We met Roxanna at Beachwood Inn on Wattsburg road, a popular snowmobile stop. She was joined by 12 other sledders all riding together. The group told JET 24 about the special comradery within the sport.
“You stop and you eat and talk” said Fram “and hang out awhile and then you head back out on the trails.”
Some riders drove in from Ohio just to sled in Erie conditions.
“It has been a life long deal” said Ohio resident Greg Thomas “since I was pretty much zero I’m now 34 years old and I am junkied out with it, I just can’t quit.”
Thomas offered some advice to those who may not love winter.
“Buy a snowmobile,” said Thomas”you will then love winter.”

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