They say “what goes around comes around.”

In this case, it took almost three decades.

A few days ago Brooklyn DeMay saw something in her mother’s jewelry box that she’s never seen before.

“I saw this little class ring and I looked at it and I said is this your ex boyfriends? Like what’s this ring doing in here? Because clearly it’s not yours. It’s a little too bulky to be a girl’s class ring,” said Brooklyn DeMay, Helped Find Owner of Class Ring.

It was a 1983 North East class ring. Brooklyn’s mother Amy found the ring in 1995 in the parking lot of the Harborcreek Kmart where she worked.

The ring was engraved on the inside. Amy was determined to find the man whom it belonged to.

“I remember my mom and I were trying to find the owner of it and back then we didn’t have social media or anything,” said Amy DeMay, Found Class Ring in 1995.

After asking around town and even taking the ring to a few jewelry stores, they ended up giving up.

“So I ended up just keeping it and I left it in a jewelry box and that’s where it sat all these years,” said Amy DeMay.

When Brooklyn heard the story behind the ring, much like her mother, she was determined to find the owner.

“And I was like well Facebook exists. I can post this on like a North East group or something and figure it out. So I zoomed in on the engraving on the inside, found out the name, and I posted on a North East page,” said Amy DeMay.

Within five hours she was on the phone with the original owner.

“He said that his ex girlfriend at the time threw it out of the car window during an argument,” said Brooklyn DeMay.

After 27 years, the DeMay’s met the owner and gave him back his ring.

“He was super thankful for it. He tried giving us money for it and I was like no just keep it because it really wasn’t too big of a deal for us. We were just happy to find the owner of it,” said Brooklyn DeMay.

“It was pretty exciting. Like I wasn’t planning on like actually finding anybody because it’s been so long and I don’t know it was just nice to finally meet the person that it belonged to,” said Amy DeMay.

It took nearly three decades but with a little determination and the help of social media, what goes around really does come back around.

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We reached out to the owner of the ring but have yet to hear back from him.