Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home hosts Memorial Day Weekend ceremony

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“My dad served in the United States Army and I followed in his pursuit and I did the same as well. It’s for all those soldiers that passed during all the wars and we thank every one of them for their service,” John Michael Walker said.

Walker and his mother visit the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home every year to remember his father.
Dozens of families share that tradition, making their way to the home on Memorial Sunday. 
“It’s just a way to really recognize our veterans even more, especially the ones that gave their lives for us to keep our country free,” said Katy Dilling, a supervisor at the home.
Retired Air Force Colonel Charles Marriott said, “I spent a year in Vietnam, gun ship helicopter pilot. The first day I was there I met my roommate. He was shot down. So when you come to programs like this you remember those that didn’t come back.”
Marriott said many families never get closure after the losing a loved one in combat.
That’s why he’s working on a POW MIA Remembrance Program.
It’s to pay respects to those soldiers listed as missing, too.
Some, he told us, may even be prisoners overseas. 
“It brings back the memories of those that didn’t make it back, that weren’t lucky enough to come home like we did,” Marriott added, 
A sentiment these veterans said makes our freedom worth their sacrifice. 

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