Some work places are turning free food for government workers away saying they can’t accept ‘gifts’

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A concerned viewer reached out to us after hearing that federal employees were not being permitted to accept donations.  We’re looking into ‘Your Story’ tonight.

At the Erie International Airport, dozens of workers are still reporting for duty.  And, although it’s true that employees such as TSA agents and air traffic controllers are not legally allowed to accept gifts or donations while on the job, airport staff tells us they have made sure the employees are at least fed while at work. 

Derek Martin, Executive Director Erie Airport, tells us, “…Not only the TSA but the FAA and the Customers and Border Protection; there’s approximately 60 federal workers here at the airport.  They’re really not allowed to accept gifts.  So, the airport has worked with those individuals and we basically have come up with a way that there’s food in our conference room.  If they’re interested in coming and eating, it’s there, it’s provided and they can eat.  But nothing can be given to them directly.”

So, the question remains, as other places across the country are accepting generous offers for free food during the shutdown, is feeding employees who aren’t being paid still classified as ‘a gift’?

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