Erie County, Pa. (WJET/WFXP/ — With Halloween around the corner, an Erie couple is getting plenty of attention, including going viral on TikTok, for a video they claim shows something haunting their home.

You be the judge.

The renters of a home on West 10th Street were recently featured in the New York Post for their now viral videos. Security cameras inside the home captured what they said is paranormal activity.

The couple said it all started a few months back after exploring an abandoned, creepy church, and now they think something may have followed them back.

“Ever since that night, we started to see stuff moving around the house, just crazy stuff started to happen straight out of a horror movie,” said Elizabeth Cruz, a witness. “It’s crazy the vibes that you get from being in here whenever that stuff is happening.”

“People from all over the world are talking to us, giving us advice, and are teaching us what to do, what not to do,” said Jorge Cruz, another witness.

The couple said they’re documenting everything from moving furniture and flickering lights to closing doors on their TikTok, called “Magical Poltergeist.”