The son of the famous architect Aaron G. Green is visiting Erie to take a look at his father’s work office.

Aaron Green, who was a famous architect, worked alongside Frank Lloyd Wright to design and create many buildings in the U.S.

One in particular was the work office that they both built together. Allan Green, Aaron Green’s son, visited his father’s office at the Hagen History Center on Tuesday.

The blueprints and other pieces of work, along with the tables and furniture, came from the actual office he had in San Francisco.

Green says being in his father’s office again brought him back to a time when he worked with his father to help design some of the projects for buildings.

“I worked there in summers when I was in high school and after I graduated college with a degree in industrial design. So my father would give me fun aspects of his projects to do signage and stain glass windows for one of his churches,” said Allan Green.

You can visit the Hagen History Center at 356 W. 6th St., Erie, PA 16507.