Sonya Arrington raising trauma awareness

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Sonya Arrington is raising awareness about trauma in the downtown community.

She hosted the event ‘Trauma Leads to Drama, Dealing Leads to Healing’ Thursday, in an effort to address a community  that she says is traumatized by violence and poverty.

Arrington says its not only kids, but also adults.

She says tragedies happen, and then no one asks how they can help others deal.

Arrington says when she thinks of trauma, she thinks of the night that Elijah Jackson and Shakur Franklin lost their lives at a house party.

“There were 150+ kids crying, falling on the ground,” Arrington said. “How many of those kids have gotten home for that? I know some of them are still probably having dreams about what happened. “

Arrington says she’s working to form a trauma task force.

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