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Millcreek Township begins the first of four neighborhood meetings to kick off the Embrace Millcreek Plan.  

Embrace Millcreek will become the township’s new ‘Comprehensive Plan,’ guiding what developments need to be made in the township.  But instead of the elective officials deciding what should be done, supervisors are trying to engage the community for answers.

Tonight begins the first of four meetings in neighborhoods throughout Millcreek in an ongoing community engagement effort, giving residents a chance to explain what they would like to see change in the township in the near and distant future.  Their feedback will then be formulated in to a comprehensive plan.  Supervisors hope bringing folks together to create a community vision will help them make a plan that can actually happen.

John Morgan, Millcreek Township Supervisor, says, “we can really reach out as close as we can face to face which is really important, ultimately its not going to come to down to do the supervisors like it or does the planning commission like it but does the community believe in it are they going to hold us accountable to implement it.”

Tonight’s meeting will be for the Belle Valley neighborhoods, beginning at 6pm at Belle Valley Elementary School.  Tomorrow night, neighbors in the Chestnut Hill and JS Wilson area are welcome to attend a meeting at JS Wilson also starting at 6pm.

Morgan says if you can’t make it to the meeting in your neighborhood, you are welcome to attend any of the other scheduled meetings.

The West Lake and West  Ridge areas will meet next Wednesday and Thursday night.

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