Apple AirTags are great for those who lose track of things like their keys, wallet, or even kids backpacks.

However, bad actors are using this technology to track the location of unsuspecting victims. It’s called “AirTag Stalking” and it can be dangerous. That’s why the Pennsylvania Attorney General issued a warning.

For just $29, anyone can get their hands on an Apple AirTag. If it’s paired to a phone of someone trying to track you, they can follow your precise location.

“Oh, it can be very scary because stalking can look so different. It’s not just what we see in the movies. It’s not just someone who is following or creeping in the shadows,” said Amy Blackman, Crime Victim Services.

AirTag stalking has become such a problem that Pennsylvania’s Attorney General issued a warning about the technology.

“We just want people to be vigilant,” said Josh Shapiro, Pennsylvania Attorney General. “We’ve seen people drop them into a purse or wallet of a person, particularly women, stick them behind a license plate on a car to track the car.”

We wanted to find how how do you know if you’re being tracked.

“Often times, if there is an AirTag tracking you that is not associated with your iPhone, it will begin to beep,” Shapiro said.

If you hear the beeping, Shapiro said there are three things that you need to do right away:

  1. Find the AirTag. Take a photo of the back of it, which has a serial number. It will allow law enforcement to trace it.
  2. Disable it. The easiest way to disable it is to open it up and take the battery out.
  3. Contact your local authorities and alert them.

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We reached out to Apple and a spokesperson referred us to a statement on its website:

“Apple is working with law enforcement to make it harder for anyone to use AirTags to track people without their knowledge.”

Statement on Apple’s website.

According to several tech blogs, Apple is rolling out several privacy-related updates, including one that makes the AirTag audio alert even louder. This is to make it easier to discover an AirTag device that may be hidden.”

The latest update promises to send a notification about an unidentified AirTag to all nearby iPhone devices.

If you think your safety is at risk, call 911 immediately.

To contact the Crime Victims Center, you can call (814) 455-9414 or visit their website.