Special units of Erie police to increase workload

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ERIE, Pa. — The Erie Police Neighborhood Action Team, along with a several other special units of the Erie police, are seeing some changes in an ongoing effort to keep city residents safe.

That’s right. With a new chief comes a new way of doing things.

Erie police department’s special units now work seven days a week to protect residents.

That comes as the departments model unit gets an extension.

Six officers of the Quebec Unit of the Erie police will now patrol public housing for at least another two years.

Their contract was extended at Wednesday morning’s City Council meeting.

The unit was credited with decreasing the number of criminal incidences in the neighborhood from 1,200 to less than 300 in the past decade.

That unit works hand-in-hand with three other Erie police patrols: The motorcycle, saturation and neighborhood action team units.

Those groups are now moving from five days a week to seven days a week.

Erie Police Chief Don Dacus said they aren’t adding more officers, just rearranging schedules.

“There would be weekends or busier days that would go without those specialized units,” Dacus said. “As a direct result, our officers noticed that they had to field more calls.”

There are always at least 12 patrol officers on duty at a time this time of year.

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