After alleged speculation that the U.S. Brig Niagara might be turned into a museum, the Niagara League has responded.

According to the Director of External Affairs for the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission:

“There is no proposal to pull the Flagship Niagara out of the water. Anyone saying otherwise has not been paying attention,”

Howard Pollman, Director of Ext. Affairs for PA Historical and Museum Commission

Our team went to their internal Flagship Niagara meeting at the Erie Maritime Museum. We spoke to a volunteer leaving the meeting and they said there is no plan on having the ship leave the water.

“We are all committed to keeping the Niagara sailing, I’m happy to report. We have all been on the same page about that,” said Christopher West, Volunteer at Flagship Niagara League.

For the schedule of where the ship is sailing and where its next stop will be, click here.