Spiritual art takes the spotlight at Saint Paul’s Lutheran Church

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Saint Paul’s Lutheran Church is using art to engage more folks in church during the Epiphany season.

The theme of the Epiphany season is how God reveals himself to us.  One of those ways is through our spiritual gifts; of which art can be considered.

Saint Paul’s Lutheran Church asked four artists from their congregation if they would be willing to take 1/4 of the project ‘Epiphany Art’…

Sami Pfalzgraf says, “having the pastor stand up front to talk at you isn’t condusive to everyone’s way of learning and so we try to incorporate different things.”

The four artists were given artistic freedom for each piece they were assigned.

With the collaboration of the four different pieces, the project is an ode to the Holy Spirit.

“The stars you see here have the names of loved ones that have helped people get closer to god. “

One thing that the church wants to focus on is how people learn and that everyone learns in a different way; it’s a different way to engage with scripture.

Artist and Choir Member of Saint Paul’s Lutheran Church, Ellen Cooper, tells us, “until I found the parts that I thought would look best, I’d lay them down. If I liked it, I’d glue them and then, when it was complete, I just knew it was complete.”

1/4 of the artwork has been revealed every week.  Only we have been allowed so far to see all four of the pieces joined together.

Karen McKenna of St. Paul’s also tells us, “my art area is full of random supplies; corks, buttons… there’s all sorts of stuff laying around so it’s great to have such a great use for it. “

Now, they are going into the third week in Epiphany.  So far, people attending have enjoyed trying to figure out what the big picture is and how it all fits together.

On Saint Paul’s Facebook page, people from all over the country have shown a huge response to the art.  

The last Sunday in February, they’ll have all four pieces up for people attending.

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