Spring Cleaning? Make Some Extra Cash

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ERIE, Pa – Any chance to make a few extra dollars is a great thing. 
Which is why Elena stopped into Clothes Mentor on Peach Street. 
Women can make hundreds of dollars by turning in their gently worn, current clothes that they no longer wear.
Owner, Kelly Weldon, says the store has nearly 20 women stop in each day to sell their unwanted items.
“It’s a lot of fun. It’s almost like Christmas in here every day. We never know what we’re going to get in.”
Elena spent some time cleaning out part of her closet and took a container of clothes into the store, hoping to make some money in return.
“As you can see, Andrea is going through my pile of clothes right now. She’s going to total it up and I’m going to walk out of here with cash.”
“Your total is $112.20 cash and $140.25 store credit.” 
“How about it?”
Apart from the money that can be made from selling unwanted clothes and accessories, Clothes Mentor is a great place to shop.
They offer dozens of brand names, sizes, styles, and have something for women of all ages.
Also, their prices are around 70% less than stores at the mall.
“If someone doesn’t know what to do or wants to try something new, they can come here and get something for a lower cost.”
“I’m an education major so I was just looking for some clothes to teach in. I heard they had some really good deals here, so I just came to check it out.”
In addition to Clothes Mentor, next door is Plato’s Closet, also owned by Weldon, which has clothes for teenagers. 
It’s an easy way to declutter your home for spring and get some cash in return.

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