St. George raises money for water wells

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After raising hundreds of dollars, St. George School students give the money to a charity that drills wells for a needy village in Africa.

On this earth day, the school held a special check presentation, giving $600 to Linda Austin, an ambassador with the Children’s Rescue Initiative of Conneaut Lake.

On a recent trip to Kenya, villagers asked Austin if she could help them build water wells. Ever the helping woman, Austin contacted a friend at St. George and teamed up with students, who sold candy grams during school, to make it all happen.

“It’s life-changing, it’s just life changing. We are on our third well and water is life, so it’s just such a blessing for them,” said Austin.

“We have been working on this for months so it’s Earth Day, we are working on the water this is the climax of what we are calling our water week so it’s really been a fantastic experience all week long,” said Marielle Lafaro, advisor of student council at the school which took on the fundraising effort.

All money raised by the students was done so in school, 25 cents per candy gram at a time.

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