Star Athletic Club donates over $20,000 to Erie police and fire departments

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The Star Athletic Club is supporting Erie’s first responders.  Mayor Joe Schember announcing that the organization is donating $15,000 to the Erie Police Department and $8,000 to the Erie Fire Department. 

Police Chief Dan Spizarny says the money will go toward the purchase of new gun racks for vehicles, improving access to firearms. “There’s a lot of great organizations out there that could use it, and this at least helps the whole city remain safe.”

President of Star Athletic Club, Mike Miller, says, “We think if we’re going to help the community, we’re going to go right to the top to our men in blue and our men in red; and any little bit we can do to help them, we’re really delighted to do that.”

As for the Fire Department, the donation will help buy new vent saws, portable lights, and air jacks. 

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