Starbucks will close at 2:30pm for racial bias training, Erie included

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Starbucks stores in Erie will close at 2:30 this afternoon for racial bias training, along with 8,000 locations across the nation.  

It’s all connected to the fallout from the arrest of two black men at a Philadelphia Starbucks back in April; the video and outrage going viral.  Linsey Davis reports…

The video now prompting change after two black men at a Philadelphia Starbucks are arrested for trespassing after one asked to use the restroom without making a purchase.  

Starbucks is attempting to use that video as a teachable moment, creating a new training video.  The video states, “the events in Philadelphia prompted us to bring 8,000 stores and 175,000 partners together on 5/29 because that is not who we aspire to be…  Helping people see each other fully, completely, respectfully…”

The company shuttering all stores today for bias training. 

Workers will hear from the rapper, Common, employees, and executives, and break into small discussion groups.

In the wake of that video, Starbucks now says anyone can use its spaces, including restrooms, without a purchase; unlike many businesses.  

As for the two men involved, they’ve settled with Starbucks and told Robin Roberts they want to see long-term change. 

GMA’s Rashon Nelson says, “It’s not just a black people thing.  This is a people thing.  And, that’s exactly what we want to see out of this and that’s true change”.  

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