State buys 18 acres of property to create greenspace leading into Presque Isle

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The state of Pennsylvania ended 2020 by closing a deal for Presque Isle… 20 years in the making.

The state is buying more than 18 acres of property on the east side of Peninsula Drive between West 6th Street and the Tom Ridge Environmental Center.

First proposed in the late 1990s, the purchase will allow the state to build a greenspace that will preserve the natural setting while removing neighbors like the bait stand and trailer park.

The next step is planning.

“We’re not really sure exactly what the timetable is going to be, but we do know that the next stage now that we’ve purchased the property and have a deed for the property, now is the time when we can start looking at what that next timetable is,” said Matt Greene, park operations manager, Presque Isle State Park.

The state is also hoping to shore up the way storm water runs down the hill and into Scott Run, a tributary to the bay.

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