State law says that Arrington is not required to resign from her position as City Council President

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As some Erie residents continue to ask for Sonya Arrington’s resignation, they are questioning her leadership as City Council President.

Councilman Bob Merski says ultimately, it is Arrington’s decision to resign.  Under Pennsylvania State Law, Arrington can continue as Council President unless she is convicted. “That’s a personal decision that she has to come to on her own.” 

Merski says the council will not be asking Arrington to resign, despite citizens’ requests. “We just have to make sure that people follow the rules of council and you address the body and we do our jobs and so far that’s been being done and we just have to make sure that continues,” said Merski.

The FBI indicated Arrington on 33 felony counts, including 31 counts of wire fraud.  Arrington is accused of misusing funds from her non-profit, ‘Mothers Against Teen Violence’. 

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