More than seven million dollars is being allocated to fund projects that could boost the regional economy.

State funding will soon be used to fund four projects in Millcreek, Erie, and Waterford.

State Representatives Ryan Bizzarro, Pat Harkins, and Bob Merski announced nearly eight million dollars in state funding.

$500,000 will support the Presque Isle Gateway Project in Millcreek will better connect businesses near West 8th Street with Presque Isle State Park.

Representative Ryan Bizzarro said that this project will attract more visitors and support existing businesses.

“We are transitioning onto something great throughout the region, Millcreek, Erie tying in that Eighth Street business corridor, making it one small business path that’s going to be phenomenal for Millcreek and of course for the surrounding area,” said Ryan Bizzarro, (D), PA State Representative.

Other projects that will receive state dollars include Shearer’s Foods in Waterford and Gannon University Highmark Event Center.