State officials warn to be prepared for flooding as PA faces high precipitation rates

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2018 was one of the wettest years on record for Pennsylvania. Now, state officials are preparing for what’s to come this season.

State Officials say we’re still seeing above average precipitation so far in 2019. And, with a new season underway, they’re looking at what’s expected when it comes to flooding this spring.

In their recently released ‘Spring Flooding Outlook,’ the National Weather Service calls for a risk of minor river flooding this spring in Pennsylvania.

Jeff Jumper, Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) Meteorologist, tells us, “…that typically is average for this time of the year around the Commonwealth.”

Jumper warns that just because we’re looking at a risk of only minor river flooding, residents shouldn’t let their guards down.

“With how much rain we’ve had recently, the one-off type flash flooding events, urban flooding events, are still possible in a rather short period of time if we have enough rain come through like we had in 2018.”

Which is why on Thursday, state officials stressed the importance of being prepared ahead of a flood.

Folks should come up with an evacuation plan, have important documents and essential supplies in one place, and purchase flood insurance.

David Buono, Consumer Liaison with the PA Insurance Department, says, “Remember, flood damage is almost never covered by your standard homeowner’s policy.”

Buono says much of our state’s flooding happens outside of special flood hazard areas and everyone should get covered.

“Even if your property is outside of the federally designated area and you’re not required to buy flood insurance by your mortgage lender, you should consider purchasing flood insurance.”

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