State Police & Erie County Sheriff’s Office address recent scam phone calls

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Pennsylvania State Police and the Erie County Sheriff’s Office are working to address scam phone calls, where people are told they have an outstanding warrant.

State Police contacted a deputy with the Erie County Sheriff’s Department, stating the deputy’s name is being used during scam phone calls.

These scammers tell victims they are from the Erie County Sheriff’s Office and give the victims instructions on how to make a payment to get rid of a warrant.

Sheriff John Loomis says several people have lost money to the scammers.

“This office does not ask you for money before we arrest you. If you have a warrant for your arrest, we don’t call you at home. I urge the public to not give them any of your personal information or follow through with any of their instructions.” Sheriff Loomis said.

Sheriff Loomis recommends calling the Sheriff’s Office directly at 814-451-6005. A radio operator will confirm that the office does not have any warrants for an arrest.

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