State Representative Pat Harkins visited Iroquois Elementary School Thursday to meet with students and emphasize the importance of pre-kindergarten education.

Iroquois Elementary School hosted a Pre-K Counts Program, in which they work with 26 students for half-day pre-k classes.

On May 26, Rep. Harkins visited a pre-k classroom to read a book.

The principal of Iroquois said the program gets the ball rolling for these young students.

Rep. Harkins agreed and said high quality pre-k programs are needed in Erie County and across the commonwealth.

“Fundamentally, I think we need to invest and keep reinvesting in early education. It shows down the road that reading skills, math skills, science skills, all those things are critical to moving forward,” said Pat Harkins (D) State Representative.

“It’s important for us to continue partnering with our representatives so that funding can keep coming in and so that we can continue to support the children in our area,” said Jen Foutz, Principal at Iroquois Elementary.