The future of the North East Marina has been in limbo for months. Tonight, North East Borough and township officials discussed the idea of an authority that could help keep it up and running.

Jake Banta, the state representative of Pennsylvania’s District Four region, has been spearheading an effort to buy and transfer ownership to a community run authority. Banta said searching for funding has been the largest challenge.

“I come from a small town close to here and I think when, in a small town like this and they see a great opportunity, they come together. People don’t want it to go away. Why go the other way? Let’s make it into something wonderful. Often times, you have to find out what bucket you’re going to take the money out of and that’s what we’re doing,” said Banta

The Pennsylvania Fish and boat Commission offered their thoughts tonight through a statement saying, “Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission staff involved in the operations of North East Marina recommend the transfer, but this proposal still has to be presented to our board of commissioners for their official vote and ultimate approval.”