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Many of the jobless in the commonwealth are wondering when their unemployment claim will be processed. Right now, there are two ways people can apply for unemployment in Pennsylvania and that is either online or over the phone. Either way, the system is getting backed up.

Many companies are having to lay off employees due to the current coronavirus crisis. Those workers are now not only left with the burden of having to go through the unemployment process but also watch others who need it deal with as well.

“It’s heartbreaking because I work at such a wonderful place and those people are my best friends and seeing what they’re going through and the uncertainty we all have is really hard.” said one laid off worker.

The laid off worker we spoke with wanted to remain anonymous. She is one of 650,000 people in Pennsylvania that is currently unemployed.

You can apply for unemployment one or two ways either on the Internet or over the phone. However, state representatives are recommending one over the others.

“The best way to do this is apply online for unemployment, that’s how you are going to get the results up. There is just not enough staff to answer for everyone that is calling it. Electronically is the best way to do it.” said Rep. Bob Merski.

The state claims their phones are extremely busy right now and you may not get a response in a timely manner. So, if you’ve exhausted those options and need some form of direction. You can call your local state representative for help.

“We will do whatever we can to make sure we connect you with an appropriate person there, just be patient because we also don’t have the proper staff in place now for the amount of calls. We are all working together, we all are pulling whatever resources we can so that you can not only be taken care of, but also your family.” said Rep. Ryan Bizzarro.

For more information on where you can apply online by clicking right here

Here are the numbers to reach your local state representatives.

  • Rep. Pat Harkins
    • Erie Office (814) 459-1949
    • Harrisburg Office (717) 787-7406
  • Rep. Ryan Bizzarro
    • Erie Office (814) 835-2880
    • Harrisburg Office (717) 772-2297
  • Rep. Bob Merski
    • Erie Office- (814) 455-6319
    • Harrisburg Office- (717) 787-4358

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