State senator-elect Dan Laughlin to rent Wiley’s former office

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ERIE, Pa. — State senator-elect Dan Laughlin has announced he will rent the office recently vacated by former state Sen. Sean Wiley in the Griswald Plaza.

According to a news release, Laughlin renegotiated the terms of the lease and was able to create a 31 percent reduction in monthly rent that Laughlin said will save $15,500 a year for the same office at 1314 Griswald Plaza.

Laughlin said he would not have taken over the space given previous terms, but said after renegotiating the lease, it was “practical” and “fiscally” responsible.

“Faced with this wasteful option, we renegotiated the lease to scale back the size of the office to a more appropriate and efficient space, which will save taxpayers more than $60,000 over a four-year period in rent expenses,” Laughlin said.

There is no word on when the office will be reopened. 

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