Statewide survey showing many non-profit organizations hit hard by COVID-19 pandemic

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Non-profit organizations have been hit hard during the pandemic, losing billions of dollars across Pennsylvania. Many people rely on these organizations for basic needs.

A statewide survey showed there is an extreme loss of revenue in non-profits. When you add that to increased operating expenses, the impact is in the billions of dollars.

The statewide survey was conducted in August to measure the financial impact of the coronavirus on non-profits. Over 800 non-profits responded, which is about 2% total.

The estimate is a loss of revenue for just those organizations is over $600 million.

“The survey also show significant losses in sector workforce, certain losses in employees layoffs.” said Adam Bratton, Executive Director of Non-Profit Partnership.

Bratton says 25% of the non-profits said they are expecting layoffs or reducing employee pay in 2020. The survey shows that 77% of people only have one month work of living expenses, so they are turning to non-profits for help.

“Well, the non-profit sector is struggling, so the domino effect would be that our residents will start turning to the government for some help, so there is a real economic impact.” said Erin Fessler with the Erie Community Foundation.

Fessler says the reason behind the survey was to show the importance of grant money.

“So, the survey is proving that point that they need this funding, so that they can help Pennsylvania residents who are not prepared for COVID-19, who do not have enough money in savings and need help from non-profits.” Fessler said.

Fessler is referencing the effort to have legislators pass bills that will dedicate a portion of that state’s $1.3 billion

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