A local chocolate store is preparing what they call one of their most popular products for Valentine’s Day.

Connie Guthrie, manager of Stefanelli’s Candies, said production for their chocolate-covered strawberries began Monday morning at 3 a.m. to ensure they are able to fulfill all needs of customers on Valentine’s Day.

She said people also have the option of purchasing the strawberries at their Buffalo Road location as they will deliver from their West 8th Street store to all of their other stores.

The manager said the strawberries are $25 a box, and customers can expect a change with purchases this year.

“This year, we’re not taking pre-orders because we just found it easier to run them. We’ve never run out, so I don’t see it being an issue filling everybody’s needs,” said Guthrie.

Guthrie added that their production will continue all day Monday and begin again Tuesday at 3 a.m.