Stevenson could face up to 12 years on drug charges after found not guilty of homicide

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A man who spent three years behind bars on homicide charges could be out of jail as soon as this weekend.  

After two days of deliberation, a jury acquitted Devin Stevenson on all violent charges including murder. The jury deliberating for several hours to find 23-year-old Devin Stevenson not guilty of all homicide charges.  The defendant claiming self-defense throughout the three-day trial in the shooting death of O’Shae Imes.

In 2015, the victim attempted to rob the defendant in a drug deal gone bad, that’s when the defendant fired his gun.  Stevenson’s Grandfather, Dean Stevenson, saying this verdict is a long time coming. “We’re very joyous about what happened and we figure that justice has prevailed.”

The jury also found the defendant not guilty on all other violent charges, including aggravated assault and reckless endangerment.  His attorney, David Ridge, satisfied with the verdict, calling it a ‘tough case’ and saying, “A family and a mom lost a loved one, so that part is very sad but I appreciate very much the jury agreeing that that was not Devin Stevenson’s fault, and he did act lawfully when he had to use his weapon.”

The jury did find Stevenson guilty of some of the lesser charges he was facing, including possession with intent to deliver and carrying a firearm without a license.  Sellers saying, “It’s a verdict that we have to respect, one that the jury gave a lot of time to and one that at least in part recognizes that Devin Stevenson made a lot of mistakes leading into this night.” 

Three years later, the defendant’s family saying they’re eager to make up for lost time.  Dean saying, “Just give him one great big hug and tell him we all love him again, which he knows.” 

Assistant District Attorney Paul Sellers says Stevenson could face up to 12 years for the other charges.  He’s set to return to the courthouse for sentencing on April 20th.  

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