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Still no trace of missing Girard native, Samantha Sayers

It's been five months since the search began for Girard Native Samantha Sayers who was reported missing while hiking in Seattle, Washington.

David Belmondo went to Girard today and found out, despite a scaled-back search, the community is still holding out hope.

It was the beginning of August when 29-year-old Samantha Sayers allegedly went hiking alone at Vesper Peak in Seattle, Washington.  She has not been seen since.

There are still some signs of a community coming together in hopes of finding Samantha Sayers.  Yellow ribbons can still be found on some power poles and some businesses still have signs in their windows.  

For several months after her disappearance, a full-scale search was underway, using K-9's, hikers, and aircraft; there was no sign of Samantha.  

But, when it comes to the Girard community, residents came together in support. 

One resident, Dan Edder, tells us, "the businesses in town put up posters in windows and trees and poles in support..."

The search has been scaled back over the months, but like Samantha's family, some Girard residents say when it's your child, you don't give up hope.

Edder says, "We talked to some members of the community who said if this was their child, they would stop at nothing and spare no expense until they found Samantha... And, the community really came together to try and help and hopefully that will continue until they find Samantha."

The local sheriffs' department in Seattle says they do not have an active search underway for Samantha, but will follow up on any and all leads that come through their office.

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