Stop the steal rally held in Perry Square

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Over 50 Trump supporters showed up in Perry Square this afternoon for a “Stop the Steal Rally.”

Their message was loud and clear “Democrats are trying to steal the election.”

Here is what people at the rally are saying about the violence happening on Capital Hill.

About a half hour into the protest, quite a few anti Trump supporters showed up as well.

Many of the protesters said that the 2020 presidential election was stolen by the Democrats. These protesters are peacefully protesting the results as they claim too many votes disappeared or were thrown out.

“We feel that this election was stolen from us because there were a lot of things that happened that were shady in my opinion and I think that a lot of people want to be heard. Look at all those people in Washington DC today. I want to give people in Erie an outlet for those that did get to go to Washington DC today,” said Brad Sawtelle, Rally Organizer.

The peaceful protest in Perry Square was met with some resistance. Protesters also showed up to the rally saying the election was not stolen, it was won fair and square.

“I am here to just let this group of people know that they need to move on and that Trump lost the election and this this election and this is totally unnecessary because there is going to be a new president installed,” said Rebecca Pruveadenti, Anti Trump Protester.

We asked some of those protesters as well about the pro Trump supporters that stormed the Capital in Washington.

“My thoughts is that there are home grown domestic terrorists and they should be treated as such. They should be caught, they should be jailed, and they should serve jail time. They are terrorists, plane and simple,” said Pruveadenti.

“If that is happening, I am a little disappointed because we have the privilege of exercising our first amendment rights and we should do it peacefully. We are not thugs and there are people out there flipping cars and burning buildings down,” said Brian Shank, Erie County Council.

“That solves nothing. Violence solves nothing. There are other ways to do things. I don’t know who made the shots,” said Jan Heatherington, Protester.

We also spoke to Greg Hayes who was at the rally. He said they plan to have another one tonight at nine at the same place.

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