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The day after Christmas is always thought to be one of the busiest days for stores, for customers that are returning or exchanging gifts. This time of the year is when stores also see an influx of fraud.

The Millcreek Mall opened its doors at 7 AM for shoppers to return gifts before work or to get a head start and that’s a good thing because nearly 30% of gifts purchased were returned last year. With returns comes the possibility of “Holiday return fraud.” 

According to the National Retail Federation $22.2 billion are estimated to be fraudulent returns in 2017.Fraudulent returns come in many different ways from a reported 65.1% of employee fraudulent return, to purchasing items for a short use returns, to returning stolen items. 

“Consumers will take merchandise and not pay for it obviously and try to return it to the store for money back or credit,” said Pamela Marlowe of the Better Business Bureau. “but, mainly trying to get the money back in the situation.” 

Other forms of fraudulent returns rang from the return of merchandise purchased with a fraudulent or stolen tender to using counterfeit receipts.One way the stores will use to verify a purchase is with a simple receipt. We stopped in  express at the Millcreek mall to check out the return policy on high ticket items.

“Suiting and the high ticket items have a do not remove a tag on it, if that is removed, there is nothing we can do about it,” said Amy Resurreccion, Express Manager.”That’s customer relations decision.”

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