Stormy weather causes damage across Erie County

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The stormy weather has caused some damage across Erie County.

Here is an update on which areas have been impacted by the storm.

According to the 911 center, high winds have taken down many trees and power lines.

One home over on East 6th and Ash Street was damaged after a tree collapsed on its roof.

Over in Harborcreek the coast guard was called for a water rescue.

High winds and rain caused some damage throughout Erie County. Over in Harborcreek, crews responded to a report of a vessel that took on water directly off of 4322 East South Shore Drive.

“There’s a total of eight boats and 14 people in this party combined with the city and ours. It’s all the same group,” said Jeff Hawryliw, Fire Chief of Harborcreek.

The Harborcreek Fire Chief added that all 14 people are now safe and sound as well as accounted for. The boat however did suffer some major damage.

“The lake is very dangerous and an unpredictable body of water. These individuals were from Pittsburgh. They are not necessarily familiar with the lake. These were flat bottom boats not necessarily conducive to our rapidly changing conditions,” said Harwyliw.

Over in Fairview, one large tree on Route 20 was downed by the high winds about 20 yards from the road.

The collapsed tree crushed a fence that separated two properties. No one was injured from this tree collapsing.

Also over in Albion, a former hardware and furniture store collapsed. The building however has long been vacant.

The front concrete entryway of the building collapsed into the basement.

With this unpredictable weather, one fire chief is recommending that people who want to go out on the water should not only have a life jacket, but a plan as well for the rapidly changing weather.

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