Streets Department tells us what worked with clean-up this time around

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The clean-up for the Erie City Streets Department continues after a snowstorm hits over the weekend.  

The frigid temperature can sometimes be a concern for many neighborhoods that still need to be cleared off. This year, the City of Erie had a plan in tackling the latest snow storm. 

The streets crews were on standby for 12-hour shifts in anticipation for the snow.  

The Bureau Chief Steve Sornberger says the cleanup process began as soon as the snow started falling, with salt trucks on the roads.

“In past operations when we’ve had it and we didn’t announce it, we’ve had problems with cars. But, it seems like a lot of the people adhered to those regulations and it really helped us out a lot.” 

Organizers say the mayor’s declaration of a snow emergency seemed to be effective.  The colder weather in some ways made work easier for the workers.  People shoveling outside made sure they kept themselves protected from high winds and frigid air. 

Jack McKellor says, “at least a couple hoodies; if you want two coats would be fine, and I double up on hats and hoods and I like to wear these kinds of masks because they keep me warm. “

Many were seen using snow throwers and small shovels.

A different approach that may save you down the road you should push the snow instead of lifting it.

It’s helpful to warm up your muscles before heading out to shovel by doing some light movements, such as bending side to side or walking in place. 

Apparently, the snow doesn’t pack down as much in freezing temperatures, so it’s not as difficult to scrape it off the roadways. 

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