Students are ‘exploding’ with excitement at GU’s Criminal Investigators Camp

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Studies show that job growth will be excellent over the next decade for the criminal investigation field.  Gannon University’s sixth Criminal Investigators Camp has begun and today was all about an explosives demonstration and investigation.

High Schooler Sophia DiPlacido has always been interested in law enforcement and criminal justice.  She’s excited to get to work on a real case during the camp. “There’s something really special and it takes a special person to be able to do what these special agents go out to do, and these police officers go out to do, and they’re really the common man’s security.”

Throughout the week, law enforcement experts will teach students about criminal investigation and how to use it to solve a case.  They will collect evidence, go through it, and work on the case throughout the entire week. 

Current and retired law enforcement personnel, including Lead Investigators of FBI Major Case #203, better known as ‘The Pizza Bomber Case’ are educating the kids. 

Jerry Clark, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice, says, “if you arrive on the crime scene and you’re the lead investigator; how you work that case?  And, we not only talk about the case itself, but we tell them how to get to the courtroom and that’s really it; crime scene to courtroom and that’s what we do at Gannon University in our criminal justice department.”

Students 15-18 years old from across the country and even the globe, from Arizona to France and Puerto Rico, were in attendance.  The class has about 40 students who are split into two groups of 20. 

Deanna Bennet, High School Junior, says, “…I wanna be a criminal profiler, so that’s why I came here.  The experience is great because you get to experience everything. I never pictured myself being with bombs, but it’s cool.”

The goal of this camp is to excite students about the world of criminal investigation. 

The camp goes on through July 26th.  

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