Students at Gannon University take part in 27th annual Day of Caring

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One local university continued its tradition of getting their hands dirty for a good cause.

We spoke with some of the students and Erie residents about what this day means to them.

Students and residents at Gannon University got down and dirty for their 27th annual Day of Caring.

We went to Gridley Park to see all of the students getting their hands dirty with mulch, shoveling, and weeding around the monuments.

Students at Gannon University gave a helping hand all over Erie for their 27 Annual Day of Giving.

“It is our Spring event. When our students, our faculty, and staff come out as part of a mission and ministry service day,” said Erika Romalho, Director of Community & Govt. Relations at Gannon University.

Students joined community partners in surrounding neighborhoods of Gannon’s campus in 20 different areas while cleaning up parks, picking up trash, and handing out pamphlets.

This day brings students from all different backgrounds together to help brighten up the Erie community.

“The people that I usually hang out with, talk to, are people who are close to me since meeting everyone. Even domestic students from America. It’s amazing. It’s nice to know like there’s always people willing to do the same thing,” said Parizhu Papa, Senior International Student at Gannon University.

Their help is not going unnoticed as West Bay Resident Gretchen Kerr said that she looks forward to this day every year since moving to the West Bay area in 2016.

“These days of caring are really, they’re fun. We get to meet some of the students. The students get to know our neighborhood a little bit better and the neighbors that live here,” said Gretchen Kerr, West Bay Resident.

For the students it’s a day they enjoy getting out in the community.

“The reason I came back was because this is what the Gannon family is all about. We are here to give back to the Erie community,” said Matthew Schlessman, President of Student Government Association at Gannon University.

We talked to multiple students and they all said how excited they were to be there despite the chilly temperatures.

Students said that they plan to be outside cleaning up until it was all finished.

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