Students at Saint Luke School helped gods and goddesses from Greek Mythology come alive during their Living Greek Museum

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Gods and goddesses from Greek Mythology came to life today over at Saint Luke School.

Today, eighth graders entertained the school with their Living Greek Museum.

Students did research and gave a live presentation of their god. Each had activities that represented their god or goddess.

For instance, for Ares, the god of war, students were dueling with Styrofoam swords. For Apollo, the son of Zeus, students shot foam arrows from a Nerf gun.

“When you have to teach a group like this in middle school public speaking, it’s so much more fun to just have fun with it instead of doing something formal. So to break them in I like to pick this, they seem to have more fun at it,” said Carolyn McIntyre, eighth grade teacher.

Yesterday, Saint Luke’s held a similar activity for students, a live president’s museum.

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