Students at the Erie School District find technical difficulties with school issued Chrome Books

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Some students from the Erie School District said that they’ve had issues with school issued Chrome Books.

The Erie school District recently released a statement about this issue:

“We have multiple supports in place to address students and families who encounter technological difficulties including a help line and dedicated email address staffed by our information technology department.”

One parent of a freshman at Erie High School said however that his daughter has had a difficult time using the school issued Chrome Book.

The parent claims that though his daughter completed her assignments because they were not uploaded to the system she could receive a failing grade.

“With all the kinks that are in the system right now and the school knows that these Chrome Books have kinks in them, no child should be getting a failing grade right now. They should at least wait until the second quarter,” said Anthony Harvey, Erie High School Parent.

For the Erie School School District technology department helpline call 814-874-6801 or email the information technology department at

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