Students from Fort LeBoeuf went on field trip to Waterford Community Fair to learn about all things agriculture related

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Farming remains one of Pennsylvania’s biggest industries, but it’s not an easy life.

Students from Waterford, Robison and Mill Village Elementary Schools all came out to the Waterford Community Fair.

These students experienced everything agriculture (AG) related from growing veggies to dealing with the farm animals.

Nearly 200 Fort LeBoeuf third graders made their way to the fairgrounds for fair day. It’s a field trip that has been taking place for ten years now.

Students made their way to every barn to learn about gardening, then to the livestock barn to learn about the animals.

Fair President John Burawa said it’s a great way to introduce kids to how farming works.

“It’s a big part of who we are really. Ag education is…there aren’t farmers in the community that there use to be when I was a kid. So anything we can do to encourage these kids,” said Wattsburg Community Fair President, John Burawa.

Robison Elementary teacher Jennifer Zimmerman said for the past four years they have brought students to the fair, and the students enjoy learning outside of the classroom.

“It’s really fun. Everyone is super informative and helps kids learn a lot about things that they might not know about; what different animals do and their purpose,” said Jennifer Zimmerman, teacher, Robison Elementary.

One of the students favorite parts was meeting Millie the artificial cow.

After kidding around at the fair, students were also able to come over to the goat barn where they were able to milk a goat. It’s easy to spot the many different areas students were able to learn from.

“The fair is just a really great place for students to learn, so I don’t think there is a favorite part,” said Zimmerman.

Students will now write an essay on their experience from today. Erie Public Schools also joined in on the fun.

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