Students from Mercyhurst Prep plant hundreds of trees for Earth Day Program

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Students from Mercyhurst Prep are planting hundreds of trees this week. Some of these trees are for families, while others will stay on the school’s campus.

This is part of the school’s Earth Day Program where students can get out to enjoy the sunshine, put away the books for a bit, and work on making the planet a little healthier.

The project has been planned for months and the students were eager to not only plant the trees, but get outside to do so as well.

“Just to help the environment essentially and make more green life around out school as well and hopefully to spread awareness telling our classmates, our teachers what we’re doing to get them to take some action as well,” said Amber Torrance, Mercyhurst Prep Senior.

Many of the trees will be replanted off campus, but about a hundred of them will be permanently placed on school property.

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