Students gather together for the Spring Positive Youth Development Summit at Penn State Behrend

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A youth summit at Penn State Behrend draws in more than 100 student to learn about 40 different developmental assets that can be used to help students make a difference in their community.

The spring youth summit celebrates the activities and initiatives students have accomplished since the fall event. This gives the students the opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments. 

Abbe Biebel, Positive Youth Development Coordinator says, “We empower them to go back to their schools and make a difference in the communities they live in. In the spring, we bring them all back together and we celebrate that. We have them come up and tell us what they did, we give away awards and trophies and we just have a great time doing that.”

Leaders across Erie County collaborated together on different assets they can use to create a positive behavior in society.

Megan Koma, a student says, “We came here today to interact with the other schools and learn what they do at their schools to help students get involved and to influence a positive behavior. We came here to share our ideas with them and they share back with us.” 

It’s all about supporting one another to create a positive and heartwarming support system. 

Lauren Murphy, a student says, “The assets most valuable to me are my family involvement and the community involvement just so I know I always have that support system.” 

Students will learn different ways they can volunteer and connect with one another to create an empowering community. 

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