Students logging in to learn while schools are closed due to COVID-19

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While schools are closed and students are home, some are still logging on to learn.

JET 24 Action News’ Chelsey Withers take a look at how one local school has smoothly transitioned to online classrooms.

As students and teachers near the end of week one of the school shutdown, some have still yet to miss a day of learning.

The Erie Day School is a private school home to students ranging from toddlers to 8th grade. And while older students can log on to work online, the younger ones cannot. This is forcing teachers to improvise. Families then sending videos back to the students completing homework.

For the older students, there is still communication with their teachers if they have any questions.

“Comments are coming directly to my email and since its on my phone, I can go out and be doing something and have a student ask a question and I can respond immediately. So, its not as if they feel disconnected, we do still have that personal connection.” said Brian Gutowski, a teacher at Erie Day School.

Although the online class is turning into a temporary solution, there still are some drawbacks for the teachers.

“I said to the students on the first day that this is very strange not having them. When I see them online and see what they’re writing, I picture their faces. I hear their voices. I miss seeing them.” said Ginny Rogers, a teacher at Erie Day School.

As for what advice the educators have for students while they wait to get back in the classroom.

“Everybody just be calm and patient and work together to make the most of it and do what we can, so that everybody is on the same page and we’re progressing forward with education.” Gutowski said.

In order to ensure every student is able to complete work, the school provided laptops or an iPad as needed.

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