Students push back against hoodie ban at Erie School District

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It is a policy that supporters say aims to protect students and staff. Now, the Erie School District is looking to revisit their hoodie ban. 

The Erie School District is the only public school system in our community to have this kind of rule. But, one student at Collegiate Academy is changing the discussion. He believes that banning hoodies is not the solution to a safer school.

Henry Polasky, a sophomore at Northwest Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy, questioned the hoodie ban to the School Board. Polaski says he doesn’t understand the reasoning behind the ban and many of his classmates don’t agree with it.

“The fact that they are listening to the students is a good step in the democratic process, I think every student’s voice should be heard. “

For Polaski, hoodies promote school spirit and comfort.

Brian Polito says no changes have been made yet to the old rule, but this has opened the table for discussion.

“So, we decided to pull together students from Collegiate and Erie High to really discuss and come up with a recommendation for change. “

The school district has argued that if an armed shooter came into the school, they would not be able to identify them, but Polaski says they don’t even have cameras inside of Collegiate.

Jim Viera Dean of Collegiate tells us, “…we have a meeting scheduled for Wednesday with some of our students to go over to Erie High to kind of formally put together what they would like to do next year for hoodies.”

The school district wants to make sure that students are involved in the decisions that may impact them in the future.

So, currently, students are not even allowed to wear hoodies that represent the schools they attend which we’ve heard was one of the biggest motivators to re-look at the hoodie rule.

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