Students returning to campus at Allegheny College

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Freshman are back on campus at Allegheny College, although classes don’t start until August 31st.

The dean of the college says they have extensive protocols to maintain a safe and healthy campus.

When students first step foot back on campus, they will go through a COVID-19 screening.

“We have isolation rooms, identified and secured. We have health professionals who will work with students if they fall ill and work with them on the recovery.” said Ron Cole, Provost and Dean.

There are protocols across campus from dining halls to residence halls to classrooms. Ron Cole says all of the learning spaces and dining areas are adapted for physical distancing.

“There are some classes that will be in person, physically distanced, some will be hybrid. We will have some students and taking class remotely, some in person, and then we will have some classes that will be offered fully remotely.” Cole said.

We spoke to some freshman who say they feel at ease, starting their education here.

“I think they are doing a good job at safety procedures. We came in and they made us follow a line and stay distant from each other, and everybody who is coming from hot states and just staying in another dorm right now, so everyone is just staying their distance and being safe. It’s important.” said Kasey Cariker.

“We’re social distancing, staying in dorms until we get test results back. All wearing masks and eating food in our dorms. No dining halls or anything like that. I feel very safe.” said Kabir Jipp.

Freshman, sophomores, and upperclassmen are moving in at different times.

The next groups of students will be moving in next week. They’ll be doing so in two phases and separated by a couple of days to allow the testing to take place and to get testing results.

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