Students say E-cig, vapor devices are misued to smoke more than just tobacco

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Combating the perceived dangers of e-cigarette and vapor devices is the topic of a large discussion at Northwestern High School Friday morning.

The school’s Lead and Seed Drug Prevention Group hosted numerous state representatives along with Fort Leboeuf and McDowell students, brought awareness to HB954 which would ban minors from being able to purchase vapor and e-cig devices; there is currently no law preventing minors from doing so.

This group says the devices are being used for more than just tobacco, and are being converted for use with other drugs.

“They are being used as drug paraphernalia – any drug that you can convert into a liquid form: K2, dab, any of these newer synthetic drugs we are seeing coming out on the market,” said Davina Knight, director of Prevention Outreach at Coalition Pathways, as well as advisor for the Northwestern Lead and Seed group. “Those [drugs] can be converted and then used in these devices very discreetly.”

The devices do not omit an odor, so it becomes increasingly hard to tell what students might be smoking or using in the device.

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